Welcome and thank you for your interest in the IIDA/ASID Connect Mentorship Program!

This program was created to provide an ongoing outlet for student members to build personal relationships with industry professionals across the state of Alabama. As time has shown, first-hand knowledge can sometimes be the best way to learn, and the interior design community has so many professionals that are eager and willing to share their experiences with the next generation. Whether it is asking real-world questions, reviewing actual projects, practicing mock interviews, or performing portfolio and resume reviews, these relationships are flexible depending on the needs of the mentorship pairs. The ultimate goals are to enhance the career experience of the students and enrich the lives of the mentors. We are so excited to start connecting students with design professionals to cultivate connections within the Alabama interior design industry and prepare our student members for their careers after graduation!


  • Build meaningful, lasting relationships

  • Learn directly from licensed designers

  • Connect with design professionals across the State of Alabama

  • Grow your professional network

  • Impact future interior designers and enhance the student experience in just 1-2 hours per month

  • Connect with interior design students from across the state

  • Learn new things while expanding your network

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