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“Twists & Turns”

The theme for contributed articles this quarter is ‘Twists & Turns.”  As the committee discussed the interior design profession and its professionals, we determined that no two of us practice in the same way.  That is, our creative gifts combined with our extensive training has given us multiple skills-sets that enable each of us to follow a slightly different path.  Not only that, but our paths may make “twists & turns” that take us to the next steps, sometimes in surprising directions, throughout our careers.  As we begin our careers, we may have an idea of the direction i.e. job description/job opportunity we will follow.  However, it may change.  In fact, it mostly does change, based on our discussions and research.  It is our hope that you enjoy learning about several of the “twists and turns” taken by some of our Alabama interior designers.  Ultimately, we hope you are exposed to the varieties of practices, not only interior design specific, but that are also possible.  We hope you celebrate our design community at large and all that it is.

Happy spring…keep growing!

Through a myriad of “because’s” Shirley E. Hammond, FASID, NCIDQ, RID tells of her intriguing path that began as a music major and evolved into a preservationist as an interior designer.

From those who had her as an instructor to those who know her as a talented interior designer and artist, Ms. Beverly Kissinger has had a fascinating career. Kelly Martin, Ph.D., RID, ASID interviews Ms. Kissinger to discover an accomplished career.

Interior design influences so many aspects of life, we all know this, but you’ll never guess how it relates to being a published novelist. Connie Holcombe, RID, shares how her career impacted her second career.

Diane Cashen, Associate ASID, the newest member of our newsletter team, explains her adventure from successful graphic designer to interior designer. It was no small step.

You may know her name as a benefactor for the Alabama Chapter of ASID, but do you know her history? Find out more about the fascinating and captivating Daisy Bond.

What’s up with the Student Chapter of ASID at the University of Alabama? Sydney Yarbrough, Student ASID, fills us in.

Student liaison, Emma Coyle, Student ASID, brings us up to speed on what’s been going on at Auburn University.

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Past Articles

Shirley E. Hammond, FASID, NCIDQ, RID of Perceptive Designs, LLC and Phyllis D. Moore, FASID, NCIDQ, RID of Interior Design Source LLC look at some of this year’s trends in residential design and ask the question “for what purpose.”

So, you’re getting ready to graduate and enter the real world of interior design. What’s the most important aspect of getting ready? It’s your portfolio! But where to begin? How exactly do you make one? Sydney Yarbrough, Student ASID, Student Representative to the Board, explores this issue and provides you some guidelines and “how to’s.”

Interior design is so much more than offices and homes. It’s also hospitality that happens to include cruise ships. Melanie Duffey, PhD, W. Allen Reimer Reed Associate Professor at Auburn University, explores the unconventional superyacht.

Some aspects in interior design never change but many often do. Anna Ruth Gatlin, PhD, tells us what changes are in store for the workplace. Some are brand new and some old ones are back in style.

Annie L. Johnson, ASID, RID takes us on journey that may seem all too familiar. Good or bad, we’ve all experienced something similar.

Student Chapter Updates

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating machines and software that think and act like humans. Find out the pros and cons of how it impacts interior design from Shirley E. Hammond, FASID, NCIDQ, RID.

Connie Holcombe, RID, ASID takes a look at the big picture on how artificial intelligence has evolved and how it can help designers.

One of our ASID Alabama chapter members recently expressed curiosity about modular construction, Kelly Martin, Ph.D., RID, ASID answers a few questions about modular construction technology.