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Join ASID Alabama as we celebrate interior design at our annual state conference
on September 8th and 9th.

This year the conference will be held at the historic
Redmont Hotel in downtown Birmingham.

Events include:
5 CEUs (4 are Codes & Standards)
Annual Awards Luncheon
Roof-Top Bar Mingle
ASID Alabama Annual Member Meeting.

Featured Articles

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating machines and software that think and act like humans. Find out the pros and cons of how it impacts interior design from Shirley E. Hammond, FASID, NCIDQ, RID.

Connie Holcombe, RID, ASID takes a look at the big picture on how artificial intelligence has evolved and how it can help designers.

One of our ASID Alabama chapter members recently expressed curiosity about modular construction, Kelly Martin, Ph.D., RID, ASID answers a few questions about modular construction technology.

Kelly Martin, Ph.D., RID, ASID

Kelly Martin, Ph.D., ASID, RID
Senior Lecturer, Interior Design
Department of Consumer and Design Sciences
Mailing: 308 Spidle Hall, Office #173A
O: 334.844.4084 | M: 256.577.8630


B.S.    Interior Design, Auburn University, 2007

M.S.   Consumer and Design Sciences
Auburn University, 2013

Ph.D. Consumer and Design Sciences
Auburn University, 2023

Professional Experience

Kelly is a Senior Lecturer (teaching faculty member) in the Interior Design program in the Department of Consumer and Design Sciences in the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University since 2016. Prior to that, she was employed in a student services role at Auburn. Between undergrad and grad school, she worked in the interior design industry in Birmingham and, briefly, in California.

Congratulations and thanks to Kelly on her inspiring and amazing accomplishments and contributions to ASID and the interior design community of practitioners, educators and students!! 

Specialties & Interests:

  • Kelly’s dissertation focused on how interior design may play a role in maternal mental health and well-being. Interior design for maternal health is her main area of research interest.
  • She loves working with students and seeing their growth through the program and into their careers. Her students bring a smile to her face! She is impressed by their big hearts and commitment to their interior design studies.  Her greatest hope is to make a positive impact on others through her student mentoring.
  • She is an advocate for accessible design as a standard component in all new construction homes. She is informed by her own personal story as well as her educational focus.
  • Kelly and David have three children–a nine-year-old son and four-year-old boy/girl twins. She says that David is a great cook and loves making beautiful meals for everyone!
  • Kelly completed her Ph.D. while working full-time. When asked how she did that, she clearly answers that family support made it possible.  She has a multi-generational household with her mom and mother-in-law both helping “raise the kids.”  Her family’s support and encouragement gave her time to write and continue her studies.  Her journey to completing her degree not only included full-time work but also giving birth to twins, getting through the pandemic, and helping her oldest son recover from several spinal surgeries (including a 60-day stay in Children’s Hospital in Birmingham).  She credits her husband, extended family and her advisory committee’s constant encouragement for her ability to continue her studies.  She says “…seeing the look on my oldest son’s face when I came home and said, ‘I did it,’ after defending her dissertation, made it all worth it!”
  • She expresses her enjoyment of being part of the ASID Alabama interior design community and appreciates the organizational focus on education and research to inform design. She is a member and frequent author of the ASID AL newsletter committee.

Shirley Hammond, FASID, RID interviews three distinguished Alabama Interior Designers about the current trends in design and the client implications.

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Stephen V. Hammond, Attorney, Explores the sometimes confusing issue of designer liability in Alabama.

So, you’re a small business owner, that’s a great thing, but have you thought about how to plan for retirement? Roger S. Barnes, CMFC®, CRPC® looks at the options you have.

Kelly Martin, M.S., ASID, NCIDQ, IDEC, IIDA, CD, LEED AP speaks to Mr. Scott McGlon, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Auburn University to discuss boundaries. It makes good logical and business sense for interior designers to have boundaries about the contact information for their project team members; however, it is common for other individuals in the design and construction industry to ask an interior designer to give away this information.

Kelly Martin, M.S., ASID, NCIDQ, IDEC, IIDA, CD, LEED AP speaks with a renowned homebuilder to get his thoughts about the principles of accessibility.

Shirley Hammond, FASID, NCIDQ, RID looks at the different generations and what they have to learn from each other.

Editor Shirley Hammond, FASID, RID, NCIDQ, explains how our homes are such an important part of our lives and how interior design is the key.

Stephanie Cox, ASID,  RID, CHID, expounds on the WELL movement and asks if we are doing everything we can to provide a healthy work space.

Kelly Martin, M.S., ASID, NCIDQ, IDEC, IIDA, CD, LEED AP, shows us why historic preservation is important and how we interior designers can take an active roll.