8:30 AMBreakfast 
9:00 AMCEU 1Ventilation Code Requirements and Solution Options – In an age where we spend most of our days indoors, it’s more imperative than ever to understand the most necessary commodity in life: air. This course will cover residential ventilation basics, related codes and solution options that can provide both healthy and efficient indoor air quality. Participants will gain insight into product certification and airflow verification and will understand the various factors that contribute to the increased need for fresh air and thus the increase in code requirements. 
10:15 AMCEU 2Biophilic Design – Biophilic Design is “Great design that recognizes and embraces how humans are biological creatures withdeeply rooted biological needs.” Our need to maintain a connection to nature – for our physical, physiologicaland emotional well-being – has been understood by artists, scientists and designers for many years. And mostpeople have known it intuitively ever since the advances of industry began to separate us from naturalsurroundings
11:30 AMVendorsVisit with a variety of vendors showing their latest products and innovations.
12:30 PMLunch/AwardsJoin us for lunch as we celebrate the achievements of our members through our annual awards; The Design Excellence Awards, and the Daisy Bond Student Design Awards.
2:30 PMVendorsContinue visiting with our variety of vendors showing their latest products and innovations.
3:30 PMCEU 3Operable Glass Walls for Flexible Interior Space Division (This course is not Codes & Standards) – This course is an extensive study on the quality, functionality, and capabilities of operable glass wall systems in both interior and exterior applications, including an examination of acoustic principles. In these settings, operable glass walls are regularly used to provide flexible, acoustically controlled interior spaces or separate indoor and outdoor spaces on exterior walls.
6:00 PMRoof-Top BarSee old friends and  meet some new ones as we mingle on the Roof-top bar at the Redmont Hotel.
8:30 AMMember Meeting BreakfastAll ASID Alabama members are invited to attend the Annual Member Meeting and Breakfast where you’ll learn what the Board of Directors has been doing and what’s next for our chapter.
10:00 AMCEU 4Transforming Aging in Place to Aging with Grace in the Kitchen and Bath – Are you excited to, one day, grow old in the house you’ve always known? For most older Americans, the answer is a resounding “yes”. ― However, there are multiple steps that need to be taken to achieve this goal. By analyzing the relationship between growing older and the adaptation of universal design, this CEU explains the path designers should consider, ensuring the safety and happiness of their customers as they age in place.
11:00 AMCEU 5Sink Selection for Sustainability and Accessibility – This course reviews restroom design trends for commercial buildings by focusing on sink/lavatory system technology and the sustainability and accessibility trends surrounding them. The program will discuss the expanding role architects and designers play in accessible designs – striking a balance between hand washing needs and design flexibility.

The Redmont Hotel

920s charm in the heart of Birmingham
As the oldest-running hotel in Birmingham, which first opened in 1925, the Redmont combines the charisma of the 20’s with contemporary luxury. Their downtown rooms are within five blocks of the theater district and Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Enjoy the fitness center, free WiFi, and unwind with a signature cocktail in hand at the rooftop bar.