IMPACT 2021: The ASID Alabama Interior Design Conference
September 10th & 11th

In-person conference changing to virtual!!

Closing The Loop On Office Furniture v2

The office furniture industry is an ever-changing marketplace and this changeability has produced huge amounts of unwanted furniture. Remanufacturing addresses the waste, cost , and storage that comes with replacing office furniture. This course looks at trends in the office furniture industry, the environmental impacts created by legacy furniture, and a review of the environmental and economic benefits of remanufactured furniture as an alternative to scrapping, downcycling, or discarding to landfill.

LEED v4: Product Declarations, Emissions, and Impact on Paint & Coatings 

Even if you have designed and certified many buildings under LEED 09 NC, you may be wondering what impact LEED v4 BD+C will have on selecting paints and coatings under the new guidelines.
This course will help you navigate several of the changes, including new point calculations, categories and market sectors. Additionally, you will learn how to identify products which have undergone third-party certification and testing for TVOC content, emissions and the impact of building materials.
You will also learn about advancements in coating technologies that allow for VOC compliance as well as performance benefits for the owner.

Let’s Take the Climate Back

According to research conducted by Interface and Net Impact, 95% of climate experts believe
that it is possible to reverse global warming and 91% of young leaders agree. The reason that
both think it is possible is because we have everything we need, and both think the only thing
that stands in our way is business as usual. Last year, the most comprehensive guide to reversing
global warming was introduced by Paul Hawken entitled Drawdown followed by Bruce
King’s The New Carbon Architecture. Interface’s “Climate Take Back” plan offers an easy-to-understand
framework which can be understood, adopted and implemented by any
organization. The research and the framework will be provided to all participants.

Acoustic Design of Green Buildings for Communications, Privacy, and Productivity

The reason we design and operate buildings….is for people. The indoor environment plays a critical role in our overall wellbeing, due to the amount of time spent indoors (~90%) and the ability of buildings to positively or negatively influence our health. Interior environmental quality is important to communications, health and productivity.
Green buildings do many things well ― but noise control and speech privacy can’t always be counted as part of that list. Some of the strategies that make green buildings higher performing in some areas result in poor acoustics. In this course, you will learn various strategies in office, education and healthcare environments to provide total acoustic design for occupant wellbeing as well as increased productivity.

Window Film Technology

To understand and educate about the latest technological developments in window film technologies and how they can be applied to energy conservation measures, security enhancement and protection of the interior of the building through advanced Nano-ceramic, Select and Hybrid window film technologies.