ALDesign is the only e-magazine for interior design in Alabama, offering a look at the profession from every angle. Each issue focuses on the important topics for both residential and commercial interior designers and strives to educate designers, students, and consumers.

Kelly Martin, M.S., NCIDQ, IDEC, ASID, IIDA, CD, LEED AP, examines and explains the importance of making homes accessible for everyone.

Special guest writer, Sammie Woronoff, RID, IIDA, gives us a new angle on what having a mentor means to a student.

Editor Shirley Hammond, FASID, RID, NCIDQ, interviews renowned Interior Designer and Architect, H. Don Bowden, FASID, RID, NCIDQ, AIA, on his impressive and inspiring rise to success in a competitive field.

Mary Rooney, ASID, NCIDQ, RID, examines what people look for in a professional organization, and how it can be found in ASID.

Kelly Martin, M.S., NCIDQ, IDEC, ASID, IIDA, CD, LEED AP, takes a look at the inspiration interior designers can find in travel.

Editor, Shirley Hammond, FASID, NCIDQ, RID, speaks with our Industry Partners about their relationship with our members, what they can do for us, and how to build a stronger relationship.

How can we promote health equity through interior design? Guest writer, Kelly Martin, M.S., NCIDQ, IDEC, ASID, IIDA, CD, LEED AP, takes a look at the question.

Are we encompassing all aspects of the phrase “Health, Safety and Welfare” in our designs? Bryant Williams, Chapter Administrator and Interior Designer, examines the issue of security in the modern age.

Newsletter Editor, Shirley Hammond, FASID, interviews Tom Polk, Certified Building Official, Decatur, AL and David Price, Building Plans Examiner, Huntsville, AL

Read about the happenings and plans in our student chapters.

Diversity in Interior Design

Where are the people of color in interior design? Past chapter president, Mary Rooney, ASID, RID, looks at the challenges of diversity in the profession.

Moving Interior Design Business Online

Jenna Gaidusek, interior designer and founder of eDesign Tribe, Inc. shares a few tips on how to get started in the online space whether you have a new interior design business or you are expanding your local business to the virtual space. 

Interior Design Legislation in Alabama

The State of Alabama led the nation in establishing interior design legislation. Find out what’s happened since those first days. sponsored by:

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